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February 13, 2017


We try to push back against stereotypes of cannabis consumers being lazy couch potatoes by highlighting the positive effects marijuana can have on physical performance. But this doesn't mean you have to feel guilty about not being a pro-football player or mixed martial artist, as there's one physical activity that most of us enjoy a great deal. We're talking about sex, baby, and if you haven't been doing it while high, you've been missing out.

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Election 2016: The State of Legalization

November 07, 2016

If you’re anything like us, Election Day can’t come fast enough. But while the mainstream media gives us 24/7 coverage of this tire fire of a Presidential race, pro-cannabis activists across the country are poised to strike some devastating blows against Prohibition. On Tuesday, five states will vote on legalizing the adult use of marijuana, while four more vote on medical marijuana. Here’s a primer on what’s at stake, and how we can expect to see cannabis laws change in the days ahead. Disclaimer: These haven’t been voted on yet, and I am not a lawyer. If you get caught walking down the street with a lit blunt and expect to get off the hook by showing them this article, you should cut down a bit.

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Team VapeXhale Welcomes MMA Champion, Jake Shields

March 29, 2016

VapeXhale CEO, Seibo Shen, sits down with the Team VapeXhale's newest sponsored athlete, MMA Champion, Jake Shields. Get to know Jake before he heads to London to compete in this weekend's Polaris 3.

Also available on SoundCloud.

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The Day My Idol Died

March 10, 2016

When I was growing up, I had a lot of different people that I looked up to.  There were the artists like 2pac and Outkast, intellectuals like Steve Jobs, and Stephen Hawking but nothing captured my attention more than the athlete.  To me, an athlete has to perform at high levels just like the artist and the intellectual, but they have to do it under extremely physically stressful conditions.  Vince Lombardi once said, “Fatigue makes cowards of us all” which is why above all other athletes, I value the combat sports athlete the most.  They have to make decisions under the most stressful situations that may lead them to glory or to permanent brain damage.  This leads me to one of my favorite fighters, Conor McGregor.

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March 02, 2016

Los Angeles | March 26th, 2016
Santa Monica Pier, 9AM to 3PM

Join VapeXhale at the 1st annual Los Angeles 420 Games. This is the first 4.20 Fun Run in LA, featuring Lagunitas beer tasting, great music and educational speeches. Visit our booth to meet our team and learn more about our #1 rated desktop vaporizer, the VapeXhale EVO™. Word on the street is that there will be quite the giveaway offer for those who stop by...


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Humble Pie with a Side of Cannabis

February 23, 2016

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How Mary Jane Helped Me Find My Wife

February 10, 2016

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The Power of Words Like Weed

February 02, 2016

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The Myth of the Alpha Male

January 26, 2016

When I was younger, there was a certain male archetype that I looked up to, the alpha male. I remember as a teenager, when I was confronted with either physical or mental challenges I would always think to myself, “What would Michael Jordan do in a scenario like this? He would take charge, he would be the alpha”. While there were certain scenarios where being the alpha was certainly beneficial, believing that being alpha was always in my best interest was limiting my personal growth as a human.  

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